Saturday, October 10, 2009

eBay Blog Post: August 24, 2006

Happy Meal Savings Account

What a wonderful day it was today indeed!

I was inspired to write a new Guide about
how I buy Happy Meals and turn them into Savings!
It is something I have done for years!

Even my mom and my auntie buy Happy Meals
and they bring me the toys to add to my savings account!

Sounds silly but it has worked for me for a long time!

Well, now I don't eat out as much as I used to
BUT when I do, I will pick up a Happy Meal most of the time!

Never know when that one Happy meal toy, may pay the electric bill!
Or even buy a house! My goodness did you see the Pez on the Pulse?
It was at $32,000.00 last time I checked!
Can you imagine finding something like that to sell? WOW!

Well my Traveling Toilet Paper Roll is doing pretty good too and It will all be over in a few hours! Was a fun 10 days! I was going to add this photo to it, but I never did, so I will share it with you to view! I thought it was pretty funny!

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