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eBay Blog October 10, 2006

Pink Flamingo's & Tree Frogs w/Santa Hats KIND OF DAY Today!

WHAT A DAY it was today!!!

I should be finished with the Bulk of the clothing items tomorrow!
Today I discovered some AWESOME sweaters in this Lot!
So, I took the time and did some research on them!

Decided to list the ones that were NEW or LIKE NEW condition as an item by them self AND just finished a group of 5 sweaters as a Lot!

One sweater has Pink Flamingo's and It was not listed even 20 min and people started emailing me about selling it as a buy it now!!!

GEEESH, if I wanted to do that, don't they think I would of listed it like that in the first place??? HELLO!

ahhh But Nice try!
I know they wanted it to sell it themselves,, haha

It is a designer Label AND it is NWT (new with tags) HOW bout that!

If it would of been bigger I may of kept it, even though my hubby said it was UGLY!
Shame on him, I would of looked Grand wearing it around Ireland I think!!

Well, at least around Florida anyhow! ((wink)) BUT, It will not fit me , SO we will see WHO the lucky gal will be!
Right now the High bidder says SHE is Santa's Girl! hmmmmm

Rare PINK FLAMINGO Sweater ~by MICHAEL SIMON ~ NWT NoRe Item number: 150045148352

THEN, I listed this CHRISTMAS FROG Sweater!
HEY,Wonder if Frog Mom may like it????
They seem Like Tree Frogs to me!
Tree Frogs wearing Santa Hats!!!!

AGAIN, I would of kept it if it was not for a SMALL THANG!
Its adorable I think!
Again, my husband has NO TASTE at all cause he thought it was stupid!
Finally I told him to just go watch the Godfather or something so I could sort my sweaters in Peace!

Christmas Cardigan FROG Sweater CHRISTINA ROTELLI Art Item number: 150045186837

WELL, I listed about 11 Sweaters. One Box lot of 5 since they were not so new I boxed them up! Tomorrow I will start on the Sequin Dresses!

Tina called me up tonight (she is the one I am selling these items for) AND she wanted to know If she could bring over the shoes!!!!!!!!!!!
I was like OMG no way!

I know that lady had about 300 pairs of shoes!!! YIKES!
I told her to hold off till I can ship the clothes out of my home FIRST!!!
Geeesh :-)

AND I took my Dogs and got their NAILS TRIMMED TODAY if anyone cares! lol
That is a big deal for me cause I let it go WAY WAY too long!
Soon as I got in I said"PLEASE, SIR, Don't call ANIMAL PLANET on Me"
He was like HUH??
Till He saw the nails,,, lol

OK, OK, long day!
Sweet Dreams EBAY LAND!!!

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