Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cookbook group: eBay Blog Post October 27, 2006

The eBay Community Cookbook

Hello my fellow Bloggers!

Just wanted to touch base and
fill those in that do not know about
the official :
"eBay Community Cookbook"

Right now we have 80 eBay members
taking part by including up to 5 recipes each!

The recipe will include the ebay members name AND a direct LINK to their eBay store or Items for Sale page!

Buyers are being a part of the fun too!
Simple to add your recipes!

Just go join the group
and you are IN!

Direct link within the eBay system!
All through eBay!

If you are a proud eBay member
you will NOT want to miss
this awesome opportunity!

Be a part of an eBay FIRST
Community Cookbook!

pdf ebook that will be FREE!
Direct LINK free for all to use!

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