Sunday, October 11, 2009

eBay Blog Post October 26, 2006

Morning Blog Land .. TIP of THE Day!

BEWARE of websites or BLOGS or even eBay pages that require you to download
SOMETHING so that you can hear the music or
use the cursor or WATCH the video, etc,etc ......

If you log onto a site that starts to do that LEAVE QUICK!
Many sorts of COOKIES and all that JUNK can start downloading into
your machine before you even know it.
Next thing you know you have a SLOW running system , wondering WHY?
Most of the time it is because of the sites you have visited
that will FORCE downloads into your computer.

I stay clear of those types of pages!
Just wanted to SHARE this very helpful tip with y'all because NO ONE
deserves a computer breakdown with so much eBay work to do!!

eBay is MY livelihood and I had a computer crash not long ago.
I learned the HARD WAY about these types of things
and now you gain PROTECT your computer from my mistakes!!!!

Blessings, Danna ..

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