Saturday, December 27, 2008

Special Thanks to 2 eBay Friends

I run a radio show every Friday night, 8:00 PM est.
Last night I had a show booked even though it was the day after Christmas I felt to carry on and have my show. The last few months I've been having only myself on the last Friday of the month and using it as a way to talk all about a subject or a few. Great time for me to promote whats going on in my eBay life and with my eBay store.

Anyhow, last night my daughters were flying home from Denver where they spent Christmas with their dad and brother and they happen to be coming to my house during the radio show.

I hated to cancel it, so I called my special friend that drove my husband and myself from Kansas to Denver last October to see if she could lend me a hand and she was gracious enough to help me out along with her friend, now my new friend as well.
These two gals did a fantastic job and I can't thank them enough.

Tune in and listen!
Learn about Carnival Glass and more!

Check out their eBay stores!
Herbs*Crafts*Gifts she has some beautiful silk scarfs as well as spices and goodies.

The other gal's eBay store: Depression Glass Warehouse is loaded with rare and hard to find items!

Click to view the 2009 Calender as talked about in the radio show.

Everyone check out the two eBay stores and tell them Danna Sent you! :-)


Beth Cherkowsky said...

Oh Danna! it was a hoot! Glad to help! I love your auction bumps! In fact, I have to go find a listing to put on one!!

Thanks for your help & advice the last couple of weeks. I'm working on your suggestions!!

See ya Friday night!!

Louise said...

Thanks Danna. I was great fun and Beth knows so much about glass, that I really learned alot too!

Thanks for all you do and all the encouragement. Following your new slogan, one of the goals is to Shine in 2009.

Louise / herbscraftsgifts

William said...

Hi Danna,
The beauty of ebay is it allows you to have time to spend with your family and loved ones, It's the best type of income..EVER! I love ebay for that very aspect!

Check out my blog when you get the chance, I teach people how to make money on ebay!

William Leides

Danna Crawford said...

Thanks again ladies!
And thanks to William for stopping by! Greatly appreciate it!!!
And yes " WE WILL ALL SHINE in 2009"