Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2008 My Awesome eBay GIVING Works Year

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Hugzzz to Roman, Kristin and Jennifer for doing such a fantastic job!

You may of heard me say many times "eBay Giving Works is where my heart is" and I truly mean it. I feel this amazing program is overlooked in the eBay community.

I feel this division of eBay should be more in the spotlight.

I feel more people need to know and understand how this program works.

I do my best to educate the public and to help nonprofits get registered.

2008 eBay Giving Works presented me with this award:

I have BIG PLANS for 2009!
I plan to increase my donations by selling more items for charity.
Waiting for John Travolta to call me about this issue!!!!

eBay Giving Works ROCKED my World in 2008 and we will ALL SHINE in 2009!


Jen said...

Danna, you are the best!! This is such a great blog post--thank you SO MUCH for being such an awesome member of our community!!!

Danna Crawford said...

Thanks bunches Jen! You are an asset to eBay the Company!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, Shine in 2009.
The news letter keeps growing and glowing.Your blog is an inspiration.
Keep up the good work.
Iris and ME (Michael Erb)