Monday, May 3, 2010

Run from Drama and Gain Success

As many of you are familiar with my advise to RUN from drama, I hate to remind my eBay friends today of the fact that negativity and drama will bring you down every time.

Stop embracing negative words when there are so many positive words waiting to embrace you and surround you with success!
Negative words will NOT surround you with success but only with failure.

I suggest banning yourself from anything negative as much as possible. Make it a rule NOT to visit websites that support doom and gloom! These types of sites are screaming for attention by promoting nonsense. It's more about ratings and page rankings and not about helping you succeed as an eBay seller.

Keep this in mind when you follow these types. I am serious when I type this because my inbox is loaded with eBay sellers seeking help after falling prey and reading articles loaded with "Bad Vibes" about eBay. How can anyone possibly think this is going to help their business while filling a learning brain with bad thoughts?

Hello, REALITY CHECK to those of you knowing what I am talking about. eBay is not the enemy. The enemy is negative energy that loves to suck you into reading and following the drama. Wake up and shake it off! Shake off that negative energy and become a motivational seeker!

Your business is your responsibility. No one can make you list items on eBay and no one can make you NOT list items on eBay. But if you are spending all your time roaming the internet streets participating in drama, WELL THEN what in the world are you thinking? Every time you CLICK on a drama website you are helping them grow their business!

I suggest setting some new goals if sales are down and seek EDUCATION and LEARNING! Forget the drama, it will destroy your business every time! I even own the domain name called: I bought it a few years ago with a thought I had one day in frustration from eBay sellers falling prey to more drama. I will soon be setting the sight up. If anyone is interested to become a POSITIVE BLOGGER, blogging about good things and post some positive energy, please contact me at: to discuss your ideas for the site. Posts can be about any POSITIVE subject within reason, at my personal discretion.

Everyone is welcome to become a blogger at:! Promote yourself, your business your positive energy for FREE! We can have up to 100 bloggers sharing POSITIVE THOUGHTS under one internet roof!
Only rule will be: NO DRAMA, NO NEGATIVITY and NO BASHING!

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