Friday, May 21, 2010

Impulse Email Shoppers be Warned

Wow! I almost spaced out today by purchasing an item on the Internet!

Just as I was about to make my purchase I had the revelation of OMG I never checked for this item on eBay first? I hurried to open a second screen and did a search on eBay using the lowest price first option with buy it now and there it was!

They were selling even cheaper than the one I almost purchased on the Internet from a retail website. It’s funny how things work out because I received an advertisement in an e-mail and when I saw the item I happened to glance at I realized: Hey, I need one of those! My first reaction of course was to click on the link directly and proceed as I thought right at the moment to GO AHEAD, make my purchase and move on because I really needed this product anyhow!

Could this be a form of impulse buying? Kind of like when shopping at the department store, waiting in line you are tempted by all those goodies by the register so you toss them into the carriage or onto the rolling rubber heading for the cashier. When suddenly you realize too late, the item has been rung up and now your debit card is needed!

But here online we can click or not click and we can quickly open a new window to compare a price and take a shot for another great deal before inserting the item into the shopping cart!

As an eBay cheerleader I am a bit amazing it slipped my mind for a few minutes there! Thank goodness I came to my senses and saved some money by shopping on eBay!

Lesson learned and wanted to share. Watch out for those email ads that have great offers. Before purchasing, check eBay and compare prices! Chances are you will find a better deal from a great seller on eBay! Happy Shopping!

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