Sunday, May 30, 2010

Selling the kids stuff on eBay

I've finally accepted the fact that my kids do not want their stuff! The twins will be 24 next month and my son will be 22! They have no interest in the tubs of "stuff" I've saved for them. So, I will do what I do best and that is to sell their stuff on eBay!

Parents can only hold onto stuff for so long for our kids. I had this reality check while my oldest twin is preparing to move west. We were sorting through items of trophies, precious moments, baby dolls, beanie babies and on and on when she said "Mom, I don't want this stuff!"

I was in shock! How could she not want these beautiful treasured items? I looked at her sister and she was like "Mom, I don't want it either!"
OMG I felt like they ganged up on me, but why?

These items are only materialistic things that I saved since they were born, you would think it meant something to them?

Soon after they left my home I sat in the middle of the floor and started to sort the tubs that they had no interest in and then it hit me! I saved all this stuff for me! It was for me to have a moment to sit and cry and remember the times of days gone by. I didn't ever want to forget the first pacifier, the first bib the first shoes, socks, heck I even had an unused Pamper that was ever so tiny! My twins were preemies, so their little baby cabbage patch clothes I can now turn into cash!

I had every holiday card from the day they were born til about age 18! Give or take a few missed holidays I forgot to save the cards! I even had the greeting cards saved from the wedding of when I married their dad! Geesh now that is bad! I was a card hoarder I guess! Or could it be I was just someone that didn't want to let memories get lost? I can remember many moments I would sit and look at my children and think "Oh please, let me remember this moment forever! Let me remember this smile on their darling little faces forever and ever!" I never wanted to forget!

Now, all the cards are in the trash and all the items are lined up around my office ready for a photo shoot to take pictures and put them on eBay! I have everything from Tonka Trucks to rag dolls! I do have 3 huge tubs of beanie babies! Not sure they will even sell but I will give it a try and just box lot them all in one huge listing so I can move on and close that beanie baby door behind me from days gone by!

Beanie babies launched my eBay career and they did help me buy my house in Florida so I can admire the luck they brought me back in the early eBay days! Now I wonder if they will even bring me enough for a bag of groceries? We will see!

Day by day I will keep sorting the stuff and keep listing it all on eBay!

Visit my eBay store section marked STUFF or OTHER (Click to view)

Hopefully there will be someone out there in eBay land that needs some STUFF! My memories will become new memories for someone else and the cycle of recycle the STUFF begins!

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CatPurry said...

Welcome to my world! I have 2 generations supplying my store now. Why don't you convert all those memories to digital before selling them. Video tape yourself going through them and commenting on each item. Wow! Genius! I should do that myself. I have a room full of my mom's furniture, china, crystal, a cedar chest full of mementos dating back to the 1870s and 2 or 3 tubs full of photographs. Well, it would take some time, but not near as much space.