Monday, April 26, 2010

Queen Meg

I was in a Hotel lobby this weekend and I had to laugh when the TV had this crazy lady wearing a crown prancing around leading a group of other crazy protesters somewhere, guessing it was CA as I didn't pay much attention. I did notice this crazy lady making fun of Meg Whitman and I thought OMG what is wrong with this woman? She made a complete fool of herself. She looked more like a King even though she thought she was a queen. Her face reminded me of the King from Burger King so we had quite a chuckle about it.

 I am guessing the mud must be flying on the networks in CA as Meg Whitman is running for Governor. How I wish I lived there just so I could help vote her in! My cousin does live in San Diego and he has promised to cast a vote for her, just for me!

I've been a huge Meg fan for a long time. I admit to buying one of her campaign T-shirts so I felt like I was helping her campaign in a small way at the time:  CLICK TO VIEW the official Meg Store and pick up a shirt supporting her campaign!

Visit her website: Meg Whitman for Governor of California

I highly suggest you have a good laugh at the Queen Meg Wanna-be Gal that looks like the Burger King and grab yourself a burger in her honor when you see it!
Meanwhile, watch this video and you will see a true, first class lady that has the ability to change, improve and make California a better place, just like she did for eBay!

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M Dooley said...

Interesting video... was this a musical revue, complete with costume changes? In snippets on the same stage with Romney, Schultz and McCain, Meg had no less than 3 different blazers! At least the apparel business is thriving!