Wednesday, April 14, 2010

eBay Memorabilia

I personally enjoy collecting eBay memorabilia. Finding items on eBay can be challenging and fun. I recently found a few more great items to add to my eBay collection. I find it a great way to decorate and keep me in the eBay community mood while I work on line and teach eBay. When students come to my office they are amazed at all the eBay-anna on the bright yellow walls.

With the PowerSeller logo being removed from the eBay system by September I suggest you buy up all the powerseller items on the market because they will be hard to find later when the Top-Rated seller items hit the market.

Check out this list direct from eBay:

Click to view my EBAY OFFICE FROM March 2009.
I can see I need to make a NEW video since I have so much more added. I will do that very soon!

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