Monday, October 4, 2010

Saint Joseph is Selling Homes on eBay

Many of my eBay friends know that we have listed our home up for sale last week and I had a lovely friend suggest we bury a Saint in our backyard to help sell the house! I've seriously never heard of this before and not sure if its a "Catholic" thing or not but the idea did stick in my mind to give it a try!
She told me to seek out a shop locally but my favorite place to shop is EBAY and WOW there are all kind of Saints being sold on eBay to help sell your house! People are selling actual KITS! lol

I have found it very challenging to seek out the RIGHT kit!

The search choices include:

Saint Joseph Statue Sell Your Home Kit  

Saint Joseph HOME SALE Kit

Saint Joseph Realtor

Spanish Saint Joseph

 This is the one I have decided to purchase:

SAINT JOSEPH STATUE SELL YOUR HOME KIT The "ORIGINAL "* Good price with included FREE shipping

They have sold 411 of these from their eBay store!  And I used my eBay Bucks so I had a GREAT discount on it too! ((smiles))

I will do a follow-up video when I bury the statue and we will see how long it takes to SELL MY HOUSE! Stay tuned for the continuation!

OH and for those looking for a home, We have decided to include a FREE POOL with our home:

We actually have FOUR BATHROOMS not three!

WOW I just bought my Saint and read this headline in my email :
Pending home sales rise 4.3 percent in August
Saint Joseph is working already and I bought him a few moments ago!!!!

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