Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Make Your Own Auction Templates

I've been making my own eBay listing templates since I first learned html about 8 years ago! Back in the day we had to know html to add fancy color and fonts to our eBay listings. Now eBay had made things much easier for us all with the great additions to the listing box. Making the words BOLD and colorful is as easy as writing an email!

The other added bonus is to be able to switch it over from a STANDARD box to an HTML description box and this is the area where you would add the html code from the template :

I've created an easy to use STEP-BY-STEP DVD showing you HOW to make your OWN auction templates in what I call "Mom Terms!"  You can follow along directly from your computer screen while watching the presentation. Pause it while you create your very own auction templates!

The dvd includes an eBook with an actual template for you to use as a guide! It's easy to change it and add your own colors, graphics and designs! YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW HTML to understand how to use this template!
I will be happy to answer any questions you may have after purchase!
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Start making templates TODAY!


How to make eBay Auction/Listing Template's DVD w/eBook

Read what others are saying about this presentation:

 Very good on building an eBay templates. 
 Danna is such a joy to learn from, making each lesson not only filled with information, but filled with fun. 
 Great! The live videos make things easier to understand. I think making auction templates will be great fun once I get the hang of it. Thanks so much Danna for sharing your amazing knowledge of the way the world of technology works. 
 Thanks for a great webinar. This was my first, but it won't be my last. Andy 
 Thank-you so much Danna, this class was great,learned more then I thought I could about templates, you totally wiped out my mental block can't wait to try it. I've been trying to figure this out on my own but wasn't quite getting the concept. Thanks for a great class !!!!!! 
 Probably saved days of my time by sharing your "been there and done that experience". 
 This will make my listings on ebay so much better! 
 This was the most informative & beneficial classes that Danna has taught. She demonstrated each step and explained the procedure in extensive detail which really helped this "crazyredhead" understand & "get it" Thank you very much for presenting this Template Class - I intend to put what I learned to good use !! 
 This was a comprehensive, and entertaining webinar that included shortcuts for people who do know HTML including a couple of great test sites and very basic beginning HTML for beginners. The shortcuts are great for eBay templates or blog posts! 

Positive feedback ratingVery informative. I am already making templates.

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