Friday, October 8, 2010

Wholesale Drop Shipping

There are many pros and cons in the world of Drop-shipping and during my presentation at I shared the do's and don't of this hard to understand industry.

I consult on a regular basis and at least once a week someone calls me with drop shipping nightmares!
If you have a night mare to share, please share it with us HERE in the comment section so that you too can HELP those online sellers to NOT fall prey to the "Get Rich Quick" fantasy of drop-shipping! Also feel free to share your success story as well if you dare to share! ((smiles))

Meanwhile, I have the complete presentation in my eBay store that includes the DVD playable on Windows Media and is an online classroom, direct on your computer screen!
The DVD also has an eBook sharing the links as discussed during the presenation!

Learn WHERE TO SHOP and HOW TO FIND those fantastic items at wholesale prices so you can start selling online THIS WEEK!

Here is a preview:

Visit my eBay store to learn more: 
NOTE: if you are IN A HURRY I can email you the direct links to download this presentation as well as the eBook. Just let me know which delivery method you prefer! 

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