Saturday, November 15, 2008

You can help with the California Fires through eBay

Sometimes I'm in the dark about the news around the world because I get so involved with my eBay/computer world. Then on days like this when I hear of a tragedy taking place, my heart breaks that I didn't know sooner.

Special thanks to Randy Smythe and eBay store owner of: SweetCherry Vintage Lingerie for being my friends on Twitter and to fill those of us in that didn't know.
Both of them are from the area of the fire. Praying they too stay safe.

But, even if I did know sooner what could I possibly do to help from my eBay/computer world here as I sit in Florida.
Sending out prayers is the first step to help.

The only other way I know of to help is to list an item on eBay with 100% of the proceeds to go towards a nonprofit listed with eBay Giving works from that area.
I've done this many times and it may seem like a small thing to do but at least it is something.

The eBay Giving Works platform allows us to help during times of trouble through a trusted system helping so many causes around the world.
(Not only in times of trouble, but 24/7 helping nonprofits)

eBay sellers can do your part by searching for a nonprofit in the Southern California area.
---> Search eBay Giving Works

Please contact me when you have an item listed and I will create a list for support for us all to network our listings.

You can also add nonprofit items for charity to my Charity auction bump page at

Checking local California news for updates:
LosAngeles News
Yahoo News

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