Saturday, November 29, 2008

It all began with a Bag of Beans

I had a flashback a bit ago as I stumbled into the Chat area of eBay and noticed the Beanie Babie Chat area!
I remember rushing to that board to learn the scoop of the hot and not so hot beanie babies on the market!
I honestly can't believe it is still there!

Thinking back a few times when we would be in deep conversation about beanies and a so called "Newbie" would enter by mistake. Meaning they would want to chat about something else OTHER than beanie babies, we we ask them to play a game and the trick was to use your keyboard (DON'T DO THIS MY FRIENDS) We would tell them to hit the keys: ALT/Control and Delete all at once and they would be able to view something!
THEN we would watch the membership go down as those people were booted out of the board. Plus their computer would re-boot!
But, it would only make them come back madder than mad!
GOOFY to think about it now! lol
Such child's play and nonsense!

Beanie babies were sure a great money maker back then.
Those bag of beans helped buy my home here in Florida!

I'll be celebrating my 11 year anniversary next month!
Wonder how I should celebrate?

I could list all those beanie babies I invested in that are worth nothing now,, lol

It is luck of the draw. There was nothing wrong with the economy, just the TY company kept making the bags of beans so the market dropped.

We all just looked for PLAN B and moved on to be successful never to give up!

Same still goes with selling on eBay now.

Forget the rumors and the negative writers. Walk away from the gossip because Drama will NOT pay your bills.

A Negative mind can not produce a positive life.
A positive mind will have positive effects!

Stay clear of negativity and negative people.
Negativity is like a disease, it will spread to YOU if you hang out with people that are infested.

Hang tight to those friends that THINK BIG and are on the road to adventure, learning, setting goals and following dreams!

**cheers** To eBay Success!

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