Sunday, September 12, 2010

Top 10 List of Student Essentials found on eBay

Kids—tumbling on the floor, jumbling alphabet blocks, and in the blink of an eye, they become: teenagers—scrambling to class, hauling piles of textbooks. As we grow older, we spend more to fulfill our ever-increasing needs. The Back-To-School season is a chance to cut down on costs and maximize our benefits, while keeping our sense of style in place. Simple yet original. Likable yet affordable. Colorful yet functional.

Many students have just completed their first week back to school and now is the time to shop for those items that may have been forgotten or were left of the original list!

PowerSellingMom's Top Ten List of student essentials:

North Face Borealis Backpack
Perfect for long treks, whether on the way to school or down a hiking trail, the unisex Borealis backpack has space for anything and everything. 17” laptops, unabridged dictionaries, liter bottles—you name it. Special padding on the straps and back panel make carrying the world on your shoulders a lot more stress-free.

Water Bobble
Water is a necessity, and clean water is a luxury, costing each American at least $55 a year. However, the new water bottle makes “fresh” and “pure” requirements for your water. Its neon-bright carbon filter is made to distill 40 gallons of water. Refreshing, reusable, and rewarding.

USB Surf Drive
Even cyberspace has waves to ride and tides to overcome. Keep track and store your virtual documents in a USB Surf Drive, cleverly designed in the shape of a surfboard. 2 GB of memory and a simple yet original exterior is all you need to surf the net.

Mini Dot ‘n’ Go Glue Dots
Everyone knows that some ideas are better in their heads than on paper. Collages become sticky globs, and posters transform into gooey chunks. Next time you are assigned an art project, dispense a glue dot to thwart catastrophe and increase your chances of an A+ assignment.

Sterilite Storage Crate
Heavy duty plastic holds this box together, and organization keeps your life in place. Storage crates are handy for stacks of graded tests, libraries of used binders, and collections of yearbooks and textbooks. The Sterilite storage crate comes in a variety of colors, from “splashed white” to “blizzard blue”. Think outside the box, and inside the crate.

Masterlock 1590D Resettable Combination Lock
Dates of the French Revolution, the six trigonometric functions, the periodic table of the elements—of all the information a high schooler must take time to memorize, a lock combination should not be a priority. Set and reset your own combinations using letters and numbers on the Masterlock 1590D lock. A steel shackle protects against lock cutters, and the classic lock dial glides easily from character to character—cracking open your lock is simple as ABC and easy as 123.

Dry-Erase Cork Board
To-do lists, memos, photos, and clippings spell chaos when thrown haphazardly on a desk. But on a bulletin board, cut-outs and graphics make for an inspirational medley, while notes-to-self and lists are friendly alerts on magnetic boards. A snapshot of Fluffy, a column by Joel Stein, and a birthday reminder for Aunt Wilma. The dry-erase cork board dedicates a space on your wall to tidbits of your life.

Clear Bubble Umbrella
A rainy day is squinting in the rain, shielding from the wind, and fighting to keep binders dry. With the 60’s-style clear bubble umbrella, the clear PVC canopy allows for unobstructed vision; the steel frame prevents flipping in or out; and the wide dome shelters you and your art project from downpour. You might as well be walking on sunshine.

The two greatest inventions in history, the wheel and the clock, have been fused together to get you out of bed. At the designated time, the clock leaps off your nightstand and into a frenzied escape while beeping obnoxiously. To turn off the alarm would require a hunt for the getaway snooze-button. Guaranteed to wake the unconscious and force out the drowsiness.

Stapleless Staple-Free Stapler
Less is often more, as proven by the stapleless stapler. With one click, the stapler makes a small slit in your book report and stitches the pages together. What you spend is costless, but what you save is priceless.

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