Thursday, September 23, 2010

Power Listing Day

Today is my official "Power Listing Day!"
Also known as "PLD" according to my calendar for the last 10 + years! This is the day that falls on the week before the end of the month!

I created this "eBay Holiday" to remind me that it was my last chance to make money with a seven day auction before the month would end! It was also the last chance to have an item count as part of the "Power Seller" program that eBay had in place! Trying to meet my quota and get the bills paid. This system has worked well for me all these years.

Now, we have the "Top Rated Seller" as we say goodbye to the eBay Power Seller program BUT, that will never be the end of "Power Selling Mom!" ((smiles))

I still love the 7 day auctions and I love to challenge myself each month as I celebrate in my eBay world "Power Listing Day!"

Join in on the fun and challenge by marking your calendar the final day of the month to make your quote of listing items.

At I've shared the challenge with members as we get excited in a group of "Power Lister's" posting away on this self-proclaimed holiday of mine "PLD!"



Anita said...

Power Listing Day is an EXCELLENT idea, Danna~!! Great push for the end of the month!
Anita Nelson @ModelSupplies

Danna Crawford said...

Thanks Anita! Thank you also for being a user of my Calendar! YOU ROCK!

Ujjwal said...

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