Saturday, January 28, 2012

Our Favorite Giraffe loving eBay Member passed away today

Helen "Giraffer" Ziber Smith

Helen Ziber Smith will be sadly missed within the eBay community as she passed away today in peace
under the loving care of Hospice with her family near by. She touched many hearts.
eBay Id: Giraffer. Please take a moment to visit her ME page and pay a bit of tribute. Helen was so proud to be an eBay member:

Her wishes were to not send flowers but to make a donation to a Hospice of choice.

List an item on eBay and include in the title "For Helen Giraffer" As an eBay community we CAN make a difference in honor of Helen.
The donations can be anywhere from 10% to 100% using eBay Giving Works. Search for a Hospice in your area by selecting the State:
Or if you prefer, make a donation to your local hospice in loving memory of Helen Ziber Smith aka: Giraffer

I've know Helen for years through the eBay group and boards. She was a groupie and a boardie always willing to give a tip and send you in the right direction like an eBay crossing guard!  My first eBay live event was Boston 2007 and I was looking forward to finally meeting up with her. My first stop was the eBay Group room and my eBay life changed from that moment forward!

It was not only awesome to spend some time with her and finally meet her in person, BUT to watch her receive the Hall of Fame award was awesome! I was so happy for her and I was so excited to report it to the groups while everyone that didn't attend was cheering her on within the eBay group land and boards, The eBay community was honoring her at eBay live and online! What a cool experience that was as I was a bit of a groupie addict myself! :-)

Who knew I would actually be following in her footsteps the following year also receiving the Hall of Fame award, WOW and then we both were selected to pass along the charity checks on stage with John Donoahe and Lorrie  Norrington.  

Oh I could go on as there are so many fond memories I have with Helen so for now, I'm happy to know she is free from cancer and pain. Life is far too short so treasure those moments and appreciate your friends and family because one day, you will be missed too just like me.  RIP Dear Girraffer!


Anita said...

Oh no~! This is so sad~! I am so sorry to hear about Helen. All the best thoughts and prayers to her family and ((((HUGS)))) throughout the eBay community.

I will list something in her honor.
Anita @ModelSupplies

Danna Crawford said...

Thanks Anita that would be AWESOME of you! I listed something last night so just search eBay "For Helen Giraffer" and be sure to include it in your title too!


Anita said...

Nothing fancy, nothing clever; nothing ever lasts forever:

Pierre J LeBel said...

I have known Helen since January 2002 when we joined the eBay Voices (V10) program. She was a super lady, always prepared and willing to help. I cannot find the words to express how she will be missed by so many.

Anonymous said...

I am just finding out that Helen has passed. What a wonderful person she was. My work has prevented me from keeping in contact with those in the eBay Community that mean so much to me and for that I am even more sad that I was not able to tell Helen how great she was and how much I appreciated her friendship.

Voices 35 (former)