Tuesday, May 19, 2009

eBay Wanna-Be Sites

Forgive me for laughing but today I had to laugh because I was contacted by yet ANOTHER site wanting to be like eBay! They seem to be popping up every where lately!

Many are run by ex-eBay sellers with attitudes!

Few are dudes wanting to be like Pierre Omidyar (Founder and Chairman of the Board at eBay). And then there are some just trying to sell their own STUFF so they create an auction site with their items as the main attraction!

I do give them credit for trying to follow in the footsteps of the #1 marketplace on the internet! eBay is indeed a wonderful role model for those entrepreneurs with high hopes!

But, let's get REAL here!
As of today, eBay holds a #22 rank at Alexa and #8 page rank on Google. For those of you with no idea what this means, bottom line: That is VERY GOOD!

I suggest you go to Alexa.com and check out the competition. See what the stats are on the eBay Wanna-Be sites! You will soon see there is NO competition!

Also keep in mind when you read about memberships, ask for the SALES reports vs. members.
How many sales were made?

Take a look at their reports then head over to:
Investor Relations at eBay and compare notes!

Anyone can organize a colony of people and have a large following but if the sales are not there, big deal! If the traffic is not happening, there will be no sales unless all the members are buying from each other and nothing new is coming in!
Families buying from each other, that could work!

I seriously don't understand why so many people begging for sales put so much time and energy into finding eBay wanna-be sites when if they would only put that much time and energy into educating themselves into being BETTER EBAY SELLERS then they could have more sales!
Meanwhile, roaming the internet streets having a pity party, slamming eBay (oh ya, I wrote that blog post already, read:"It is eBay's Fault" no need to repeat myself.)

An eBay article was in my local newspaper yesterday promoting the 5 free listings starting in June. It was just a simple little clip but can you imagine all the papers that was in and all the people that went to eBay yesterday that saw that?

Also, think about all the TV sitcoms and movies that have a mention of eBay during the show?
It has become a common word, well known throughout the world!
Automatically if someone has something they want to get rid of, first thing they think of is eBay!

Because eBay is the place to make money!
Learn it well, get on board, educate yourself and be proud to be a part of a global community where everyone receives the opportunity to make a living!

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Tinas Vintage Treasures said...

I Love this, I put alot into ebay I don't have time to sell any where else. It get better & better

Dream-Adventures said...

You are so right on! You have to believe in whatever sales channel you sell on, and we do not see any reason to rock the boat. eBay works for us, period.

Sixties_Chick said...

You are so right! I have seen so many people move out of eBay and come whimpering back in a short time. Save your energy to put into eBay and reap the rewards. www.Purrfree.com