Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Going to eBay Live in Chicago

eBay Live is being held in Chicago this year!
June 19th - 21st and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Last year I had such a blast in Boston and this year is going to be
even BETTER! Because I grew up just south of Chicago and I am
bringing my Grandma and making a TRIP of it!
We will get to visit family and friends as well as eBay Land!

Grandma is 87 and she grew up in Coal City Illinois!
She has lived with us here in Florida for the last 3 years.
A visit to Illinois will be a treat for her too!

Plus my family can hang-out with Grandma while I head to eBay Live!
Last year I had to put her in a home while I was gone.
So this year, No club med for Grandma! lol

Anyhow, I hope to have time to visit some of my friends from
the Chicago areaas well as ALL my eBay Buds!

Would be the ultimate to get to attend a Cubs game.
I used to LOVE to go to the games!
But that was "Back-in-The-day" we could bring our
own drinks into the park!

eBay Live is at McCormick place. They built on a new wing and this event will
be "breaking" in the new addition!

I remember going to McCormick place as a kid. One year for Christmas my
Grandfather Bitner loaded up all my cousins and took us to see the Nutcracker Suite!
It was an enchanting, magical evening! Everyone wearing their best and I remember
at break time having elegant snacks!

My mother and I took my Twin girls there to pass on the tradition. They were only about
7 years old and they did not appreciate it much. We had to separate them because of all
the giggles. They could not stop laughing at the Men in Tights.
Bad little girls . lol

Anyhow, Navy Pier used to have some Awesome Concerts "back-in-the-day!"
Chicago Fest was the place to be in the 80's! I never missed it!
But I remember on year I missed where I parked my car at McCormick place and had to
wait till almost all the cars were out of the garage as my Girlfriends and I checked each level
searching for my VEGA :-)
OH, those were the Days my friend!!!

I've not been back to this area for over 10 years!
Bensenville, a Suburb of Chicago is where my eBay career began!

Looking forward to seeing the sights again!

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