Tuesday, September 8, 2009

PowerSeller Retirement

I have some great advertising offers I wanted to share.
My eBay store: AskDanna.com has been getting a face lift as I've been busy adjusting the categories and setting things up, removing products and as my Irish love would say "Getting things tidy!" Kind of like spring cleaning in September!

Since I've become the Business Consultant for the local eBay Drop-Off store my personal eBay store is heading for PowerSeller Retirement!

Meanwhile I will provide quality advertising and eBay selling tools. My website and blogs, I work hard to heavily market them and I will continue to do so.
Meanwhile, I just wanted to touch base and encourage you all to take a look at my advertising offers!
Not sure when my retirement party will be but I will be sure to send out invites when it comes! ((smiles))

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