Saturday, September 13, 2008

Twitter for fun, maketing?

Wondering what do people use Twitter for?

For me Twitter is a great way to share a BIT of info , links, fun or just a place to say HELLO!

For me, I enjoy taking a look at someone's link, blog or site they want to share OR an eBay item they just listed. Could be they have a question about eBay and we can Tweet back and forth.

So, whats your TWEET?
Thank for the input.

Danna <><..........


Ken said...

Hi Danna,

Yes, I also like to follow links in twitter posts. I sometimes put links in my tweets to my blog or eBay store.

I also keep up with my wife, son, and daughter-in-law on twitter.


Danna Crawford said...

Thanks bunches Ken for posting! You made my day by stopping by!

AuctionWally said...
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AuctionWally said...

I love twitter because it's easy and quick and you can find out when friends need things like a visit from a Blogcatalog friend;)

Hi Danna, it's so refreshing to see there are still a fair share of brights spots in the world such are your site. And although I don't get to come by often enough in these busy days, I always grow a smile when I get here!

Take care,