Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bye Bye To eBay's Digital Delivery

It broke my heart last night to remove my last eBook from my eBay store.
I left it out there on the site till the finale hour :
"How To Be an eBay PowerSellingMom" was my number one seller!

Thanks to that eBook I not only helped a ton of moms on eBay,
but I was able to treat myself to my 1st laptop!

I will continue to offer it on eBay as a CD and I have found a few spots
where I can sell it as a digital download.
One of them is at:
And I am working on a Store front called:
For now, it is a work in progress!

Change takes place in our lives so many times, day in-day out and a few people cry over change, depending on the change, But in all reality, change helps us create new solutions and open up new doors of opportunity.

As my mother tells me:
"Time to Pull up your Big Girl Panties and move on"

SO, I am creating new ways to sell my ebooks on eBay.
I have several I've been working on, I love eBay, I can't stop writing about what I know best!

New change that is going to be A TON of work is the eBay affiliate program .. ugh,
I will write about that another time as the change just took place TODAY!

((rolling up my sleeves as I prepare to dig in)))

No Fools here :-)

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